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Our Services

We work hard to provide all of our customers with elite level repair services at competitive prices.
We can also provide guidance and instructions on how to maintain your shocks and forks.
When you need a professional repair solution, you can be sure to trust the services here at Coal City Tuning.

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Basic - 50 hours (Typically)

A basic service is about protecting your shock, fork or dropper post from environmental damage and decreasing stiction.
New air can seals or replacement of the fork wipers along with fresh lube and oil where applicable keeps your suspension running sooth. 


Complete Service - 100 (or 200) hours

This is the complete strip down and deep clean of your shock, fork or post.
In addition to the basic service, we replace all the seals, check for damaged shims, fill with fresh oil (rear shocks get a Nitrogen charge).
This is also a great time to have a Tractive Tuned kit installed to eke out the most performance from your shock.

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